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Study Abroad With MECAnthropology in 2020

September 2019

MECAnthropology and the MEC Office of International Education are scheduling three different study abroad programs for intersession (January 2020) and summer  (June/July/August 2020) . They include three-week programs to Puerto Rico, Costa Rica and Ecuador & the Galapagos Islands. Each program will have students conducting fieldwork in either archaeology, environmental rehabilitation and conservation, and ethnography. Detailed information will be available shortly. If you have a curiosity about the world, wish to learn about different cultures and people, and want to earn up to six college credits towards your degree, keep MECAnthropology in mind.  


MEC Anthropology Study Abroad to Puerto Rico

July/August 2019

MEC Anthropology professor, Dr. Rosalina Diaz, took students on a CUNY/MEC study abroad program to Puerto Rico. Students took part in archaeological investigations as well as worked to conserve and preserve the island's natural resources. Bravo, Dr. Diaz.

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MEC Anthropology Hosts AHA Digital Conference

June 2019

MEC, with the support of MEC Anthropology, was selected to be one of the main hosting academic sites for the The American Humanist Association's first digital conference.  Other sites included Carnegie Mellon University, Rice University, Pitzer College and the University of Miami.

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Congratulations to all 2019 MEC Graduates

June 2019

The MEC anthropology faculty send our well wishes and sincere congratulations to the graduating class class of 2019. If all goes well, we'll be able to offer a degree in Anthropology shortly.

MEC Graduation.jpg

Register for ANTH 203 - Introduction to Archaeology, for Fall 2019

March 2019

MEC is proud to offer ANTHRO. 203 - Introduction to Archaeology for the fall 2019 semester and beyond. This is a super new course and one which students will value. You will discover and learn about many ancient societies on Earth and how human culture has become so complex.

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MECAnthropology Welcomes Dr. Rosalina Diaz to SBS

January 11, 2019

Dr. Rosalina Diaz, Associate Professor of Anthropology & Multi-Cultural Education, will be joining SBS for the Spring 2019 semester and beyond. Dr. Diaz's research Interests & publications focus on gender, identity & power in Taino Society; Pre-Colombian Archaeology of the Caribbean; Ethnobotany of the Caribbean; Education Inequality of Latinx and Caribbean Populations in the US. We welcome her strong teaching and research which will add so much to the Anthropology program at MEC.

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ANTH 203 - Intro. to Archaeology Approved by MEC College Council

October 31, 2018

The MEC College Council reviewed and approved another new anthropology course. The course, Introduction to Archaeology, will be available beginning Fall 2019. This is the last 200-level course needed to fulfill the core requirements of the new BA degree in Anthropology now being created by the Social and Behavioral Sciences Department, led by the anthropology faculty.

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Dr. Roberto Herrera shares Pre-Columbian and Costa Rican artifacts in support of Hispanic Heritage programs at MEC

September 27, 2018

9/26/18, anthropology professor, Dr. Roberto Herrera, opened the MECAnthropology vault and shared precious 2,000-year-old artifacts with MEC students. The exhibition showcased the diversity of material culture both pre- and post contact with European colonists. The program was well attended and enjoyed by those who came to see (and touch!) these valuable pieces of culture.


Welcome to the Fall 2018 Term

August 27, 2018

MECAnthropology, along with our colleagues in other disciplines and the wonderful MEC staff welcomes every student to the new 2018-19 academic year. MECAnthropology faculty are working to add many 300- and 400- level courses to the anthropology curriculum. All with the support of the College's administration, moving us towards a full BA degree in anthropology shortly. Again, welcome to the new semester and academic year.

Tiny Green Plants

5/10/18 MEC Anthropology co-sponsors film and discussion

May 2018

MEC Anthropology is please to partner with SBS, the College Library and Revolution Books, to sponsor a film and discussion concerning political action and resistance.

Title: A Film of a Talk by Bob Avakian

Date: 5/10/18

Time: 4pm-6pm

Location: MEC Library, Second Floor, Room 2039

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MEC Anthropology Student Co-Authors Article with Faculty

May 2018

The editors at Counterpuch, a well respected social justice journal and website accepted an article written by graduating MEC anthropology student Rawan Alhai and Dr. David Orenstein

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MEC Anthropology Highlighted in New Video by the College

April 2018

MEC anthropology was recently highlighted in a new video now published on the School of Liberal Arts website. Here is the link:

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4/4/18 Remembering Dr. MLK, Jr.

April 2018

The College and MEC Anthropology remembers and celebrates the too short life and deep legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. His words, vision and actions remind us that bravery of spirit, the seeking of justice and the love of humanity are each human traits so important to our survival. Each are co-equal parts we all carry within us to light Dr. King's legacy and offer the real possibility for each of us to make the world safer, richer and kinder each day.

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Four New Anthropology Courses Sent to College-Wide Curriculum Committee for Review

March 2018

Four new anthropology courses have been approved by SBS Curriculum Committee and now have been sent to the CWCC for first read. These course include, ANTHRO 302, African American Societies and Culture; ANTHRO 306, Anthropology of Gender, Sexuality & Culture; ANTHRO 310, Primate Behavior and Ecology; and ANTHRO 401, Museum & Cultural Institution Internship. We hope that each of these classes will be available for the Spring 2019 term.

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ANTH 203 - Introduction to Archaeology is approved by SBS and College-Wide Curriculum Committees

February 2018

Both the SBS and College-wide curriculum committees have unanimously approved the new ANTHRO 203 - Introduction to Archaeology course. The course now awaits final approval by the College Council and CUNY Central. We anticipate that the course will be available for students to register for the Fall 2018 semester.


Significant Gift of Archaeological and Paleontological Materials Donated to MEC Anthropology

February 2018

In February, Ms. Rita Benzer on behalf of her late husband Paul, and the Jirik family donated multiple archaeological and paleontological artifacts to MEC Anthropology for in-class support of the anthropology curriculum. Donated items include Costa Rican and Meso-American pottery, fossils from the Cambrian, and a host of modern ethnographic pieces from around the globe. The richness and historical significance of the gift will have an immediate and significant impact in our ability to share the material culture of the Americas, and both the ancient and modern history of the Earth.

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MEC Anthropology Develops Approved Study Abroad Program to the Galapagos Islands

January 2018

Both MEC and CUNY Central have approved the study abroad program proposal to Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands for July 2018. Students can earn up to six (6) college credits. This program is open to currently enrolled MEC and CUNY students. Interested in the program? Contact MEC's Office of International Education, 718-270-5136.

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