Dr. Owen Brown

Professor of Sociology, Social & Behavioral Sciences Department

Research Interests & Publications: World economy; comparative political systems; race, gender & ethnicity studies; world system analysis

Contact: 718-270-5045

Email: obrown@mec.cuny.edu

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Dr. Rosalina Diaz

Associate Professor of Anthropology and Multi-Cultural Education

Research Interests & Publications: Gender, Identity & Power in Taino Society; Pre-Colombian Archaeology of the Caribbean; Ethnobotany of the Caribbean; Education Inequality of Latinx and Caribbean Populations in the US

Contact: 718-270-4916

Email: rdiaz@mec.cuny.edu

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Dr. Uche Ezadichie


Research Interests & Publications:

Contact: 718-270-4850

Email: uezeadichie@mec.cuny.edu

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Dr. Roberto Herrera


Research Interests & Publications: Comparative religion; archaeology of the Americas; archaeology fieldwork and methods; Cultural Resource Management; GIS

Contact: 718-270-4850

Email: rherrera@mec.cuny.edu

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Dr. David I. Orenstein

Professor of Anthropology &
Coordinator for Anthropology

Research Interests & Publications: Human evolution; primate behavior; secular studies; medical anthropology; history of evolutionary thought; human variation

Contact: 718-270-4863

Email: dorenstein@mec.cuny.edu

Web: www.davidorenstein.net

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Dr. Raquel Ortiz


Research Interests & Publications: Anthropology of music, art & creativity; Afro-Puerto-Rican identity; gender & sexuality; Caribbean folklore

Contact: 718-270-4850

Email: rortiz@mec.cuny.edu

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